Lizzie is an experienced translator and editor, working with diplomatic missions, schools, academics and private businesses to produce and proof high quality, professional work. The linguist services listed below are provided on a freelancing basis – please get in touch with Lizzie for specific quotes for whatever project you have in mind for her.

Japanese to English translation

English mono (full verbatim)
Japanese mono (full verbatim)
English stereo (full verbatim)
Music (except piano and guitar)
Piano and guitar transcription



£3.50 per hundred words

£0.50 per minute (£0.70)
£0.80 per minute (£1.10)
£1.50 per minute (£2.10)
£1.20 per part per minute
£2.50 per part per minute

£12.50 per thousand words

£25 per hour

If there is a service that is not listed on this list (e.g. Eng-Jap translation), please still consider contacting Lizzie as she may take on additional projects at her own discretion.