Lizzie offers clubs and workshops focussing on the key areas of her specialist knowledge: music and Japanese. She offers the following clubs in each of these subject areas:

Japanese clubs:

  • Nihongo club
    • A language club where members progress through weekly language lessons, learning how to speak, listen, read and write Japanese
  • Wa-fuu club
    • A culture club where members learn a bit of Japanese language along with experiencing different weekly activities, including but not limited to calligraphy, flower arranging, dance and music
  • Manga club
    • An art/reading club where members come together to share the manga they are reading and to learn about making their own manga
  • Yosakoi club
    • A dance club where Lizzie will teach members high-energy traditional folk dances from Japan, culminating in public performances

Music clubs:

  • Music club
    • A club in which Lizzie will make use of the host’s existing music facilities to lead a mixed-ability group through musical games and activities
  • Choir
    • A singing club working on using vocal skills as a group, including challenging warm-ups to develop voices, rehearsing pieces of music for performance, and karaoke to end the rehearsals in a fun energetic style
  • Band / ensembles
    • Depending on the members of the club, Lizzie will source music for participating members to play together, facilitate rehearsals and direct the ensemble towards performances

Lizzie charges a standard £40 per hour session for her clubs. This is divisible per participant, for example:

£40 for one hour

8 participants:

10 participants:

20 participants:

£5 per person

£4 per person

£2 per person

The total cost for a 6 week booking for 10 participants would therefore be £240 altogether, and £24 per person.

For the following groups, additional volunteers will need to be sought by the host to see that an appropriate ratio of supervision is provided for the club:





Group size







Number of volunteers







Please note that the maximum group sizes are stipulated in this table. For clubs and workshops for adults, Lizzie will not need a volunteer, but will only lead a maximum group size of 25.

If you are interested in booking Lizzie, please complete the form on the Contact Us page, or give her a call on 07591 483 078.