Lizzie offers instrumental workshops and instructional and informative seminars on music and music-making. Examples of these include:

  • Masterclasses (oboe and saxophone)
    • An opportunity to perform before a group and receive feedback from Lizzie on the performance, including one-off tuition on advanced technique
  • Reed-making
    • Instruction on how to make and adjust oboe reeds, available as one-hour, half-day or whole-day sessions
  • Musician’s wellbeing
    • A session in which Lizzie covers a variety of topics and techniques relevant to musician’s financial, physical and mental wellbeing, including a zen meditation session led by Lizzie
  • Ethnomusicology
    • This seminar or seminar series will introduce participants to ethnomusicology as an interdisciplinary subject, ultimately enabling participants to consider their own musical practices from the ethnographer’s perspective
  • Japanese musical cultures
    • A brief overview of a range of musical cultures from across the Japanese archipelago
  • Music in anime
    • Lizzie’s specialist niche subject – Lizzie delves into the history of music for anime, the definition of the “anime song”, conventions of how music is written for anime, and the reception of music for anime overseas

Session fees and group size vary depending on the type and location of session requested, and the age of participants. If you are interested in booking Lizzie or have further questions, please complete the form on the Contact Us page, or give her a call on 07591 483 078.